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Statutory Financial Reporting is increasingly being integrated into a centralized delivery model, with nearly three-quarters having already centralized this function or planning to centralize it within the next three years (APAC Survey by Thomson Reuters and the SSON). Centralization, however, is only a part of the story and much of this activity could still be manual driven. 

The real game-changer is when centralization, standardization and automation merge to deliver services. For 90% of the Top 20 Most Admired Shared Service Organizations, automation is a key enabler to help adapt their service delivery model to the current business climate (SSON Analysis). 

So, how can automation help overcome barriers like ‘Requirement for country/jurisdiction specific knowledge’ and ‘local language’ which are the topmost concerns for complex Statutory Financial Reporting?
Join Thomson Reuters and your finance and accounting peers for an interactive, uninterrupted small-group discussion and hear from Ramarathnam Varadadesikan, Director- Global Statutory Reporting,
Caterpillar India as we deep-dive into the process challenges in preparation of Statutory Financial Reports and how technology can solve for these.  
Key reasons to participate

  • Network, learn and share experiences, current best practices and market insights with your peers
  • Hear first-hand the process challenges Caterpillar faced and how they deployed technology to solve for these
Takeaway from the roundtable
  • How a technology-enabled strategy for creating multi-country statutory financial reports can help you overcome challenges
  • How to ‘deliver more with less’
Registrations are now closed for this roundtable.
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Ramarathnam Varadadesikan 
Director- Global Statutory Reporting,
Caterpillar India
Andrew Hay 
Head of Proposition - Software (Corporate, Legal, Tax)
Thomson Reuters - Asia and Emerging Markets
Vishal Parekh 
Head - South Asia & South East Asia
Thomson Reuters
Nandheesh Sathyavelu
Director - Statutory Reporting
Thomson Reuters
Saksshi Rehani 
Manager – Market Development (Tax)
Thomson Reuters
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