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Return to Better Supply Chains
Collapsing trade flows and uncertain prospects for the near term have left firms grappling with finding a competitive edge. With so many potential factors affecting the stability of supply chains, it is imperative that businesses are able to make smart and fast decisions in order to stay on their feet. Our webinar series, Unlocking the Chain, is designed to help companies formulate sound business strategies by incorporating viable solutions and tools into their operations.

The Power of FTAs and Technology
In this first episode, companies will discover two ways to enhance their competitiveness in their existing business footprint:

  • How to reduce risks and gain an edge by re-examining their supply chains for potential duty and tariff savings using FTAs
  • How to harness technology so benefits can easily be achieved in existing supply chains
Subsequent episodes will feature additional tips, tools and techniques to leverage opportunities and grow the business, even in times of challenge. 

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Radu Palamariu, Alcott Global
Radu Palamariu leads the team in Asia-Pacific as Managing Director. He is the Practice Head for Global Logistics & Supply Chain. 

Deborah Elms, Asian Trade Centre
Deborah Elms is founder and executive director at the Asian Trade Centre working with companies and governments on trade and trade policy issues.
Zoe Martinez, Thomson Reuters
Zoe Martinez is the Practice Lead of the Global Trade Centre of Excellence at Thomson Reuters, responsible for Global Trade Management Software implementations across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.