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"You may not be able to see the ROI of your transformation initially but along the journey, with the right technology partner, you can re-engineer your process. In the last couple of years, we have grown to leverage technology for our tax provision process more effectively, enhance the skills of our team and overachieve our expectations"

Dharmender Chhabra, VP Finance, Corporate Treasury & Taxation, EXL Service
Effectively manage tax provision with the changing tax landscape:

The value of accurate, real-time tax provisioning is only accelerating – Monitoring income tax liability is an increasing focus of regulators throughout the world, and investors have long made investment decisions based on the Effective Tax Rate of a company.

Factors like changing business and tax landscape, new acquisitions, increase in global footprint etc. impact the provisioning number and inaccurate estimates can lead to poor cash management and dissatisfied investors.

When one single figure has so many far-reaching consequences, it just has to be right and available on demand.
This is an interactive, uninterrupted small-group discussion led by Dharmender Chhabra, VP Finance, Corporate Treasury & Taxation, EXL Service, Sameer Prakash, Leader – Tax Technology & Transformation at Ernst & Young, and Thomson Reuters to learn about the factors driving transformation of global Tax Provision process and how EXL has designed a future-proof process and championed change.
This roundtable session covers:

  • Ways to speed-up your financial close and efficiently manage tax provision virtually
  • How to effectively rise to the global Tax Provision challenges and move away from mundane tasks to focus on strategic activities
Featuring speakers
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Dharmender Chhabra
Vice President - Finance, Corporate Treasury and Taxation
EXL Service
Sameer Prakash
Leader – Tax Technology & Transformation
Ernst & Young
Saksshi Rehani
Manager – Market Development (Tax)
Thomson Reuters

"To make process transformation a success, it is important to build a transformative culture of learning in the organization. We need to strive to think outside the box to re-invent processes. It is also important to invest in the right tax platform that provides real-time global visibility and control for your tax teams in order to speed up financial close.

Sameer Prakash, Leader – Tax Technology & Transformation, Ernst & Young 
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