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Many businesses are looking to drive efficiency and reduce costs in their tax process through standardisation and automation, but there are some major challenges to overcome.

Our featured speakers, Vishwanath Kini, Vice President – Global Tax Head at Tech Mahindra, and Sunil Pandkar, Head - Information Systems Group at Birlasoft discuss and share key reasons about why they chose to implement specialised tax technology over an ERP, and how tax technology has enhanced management, control and visibility over their tax obligations globally.
Thomson Reuters brings together tax and IT professional peers for an interactive, uninterrupted small-group discussion as we deep-dive into the process challenges in building a best in class tax function and how specialised tax technology can solve for these.  
Takeaways from the roundtable
  • Key reasons why companies start considering specialised tax technology are multiple ERP systems, ERP upgrades, operations in multiple jurisdictions, manual processes and interventions, audit defence, changing tax regulations globally.
  • Companies choose specialised tax technology solutions over using an ERP alone, as it enables companies to keep up with changing tax regulations and new digital reporting compliance requirements globally.
  • The choice of using a specialised tax technology solution is also made by companies to take away the burden on users understanding the tax complexity of each and every jurisdiction they operate in.
We conducted an audience poll during the roundtable. You can access the results now.
Featured Speakers
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Vishwanath Kini 
Vice President – Global Tax Head
Tech Mahindra
Andrew Hay 
Head of Proposition - Software
Thomson Reuters - Asia and Emerging Markets
Sunil Pandkar 
Head - Information Systems Group
Vishal Parekh 
Head - South Asia & South East Asia
Thomson Reuters
Neha Mahindru 
Indirect Tax Proposition Lead - AEM
Thomson Reuters
"Specialised tax technology solutions help keep up with tax changes across countries and cater to local compliances, thereby ensuring compliance across the globe. This is usually not addressed solely by ERP systems".
Vishwanath Kini, Vice President – Global Tax Head, Tech Mahindra
"Those who have understood the necessity of external tax calculation systems, would know that it lifts the burden on users to understand tax complexity at a transaction level, and provides this intelligence to multiple applications within the organisation".
Sunil Pandkar, Head - Information Systems Group, Birlasoft
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