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Digital transformation brings with it compliance and risk challenges that cannot be ignored. As organisations pursue digital transformation in many forms, such as Regtech, Fintech or Insurtech or outsourcing data services there are important compliance and risk issues that need to be addressed before potential benefits can be realised from new age technical dimensions. Compliance officers want their organisations to achieve profitable business propositions, whilst at the same time strive to ensure a unified compliance culture addressing ever increasing regulatory requirements.  It can be a fine balance to achieve both in such a multi facet environment.
Compliance and risk budgets need to be managed carefully as insufficient resources can be more costly for organisations in the long run. We have all read about regulatory disasters in different jurisdictions leading to loss of customers, market share and reputation, not to mention exceptional regulatory penalties. Many of these compliance and risk issues could have been avoided if greater care was taken at Board and Senior manager levels. As digital transformation occurs, Boards, Senior managers and Compliance departments need to understand their own internal vulnerabilities and address the many challenges head on whilst being flexible and nimble to ensure compliance and conduct risk issues are adequately addressed, including senior manager liability.

This webcast featuring experts from Thomson Reuters and IBM will allow you to benefit from the international insight provided by experts in the field and assist you and your organisation to consider some of the challenges ahead and how you can deal with them. 

  • Meeting the challenges ahead: keeping up with regulatory change, cyber resilience, personal accountability, conduct risk and financial crime
  • Understanding conduct risk concerns, including senior management liability
  • Why you must understand and act on on the internal vulnerabilities, so your organisations can achieve profitable business propositions
  • Addressing the compliance, risk and regulatory concerns of fintech, regtech and insurtech head on, so potential benefits can be realised
  • Why some organisations got it wrong and why a unified compliance culture is essential 
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Rizwan Zaidi
Webinar Moderator
Regional Sales and Alliance Lead - Risk Proposition,
Thomson Reuters
Niall Coburn
Governance, Risk and Compliance
Asia - Pacific Regulatory Intelligence Expert 
Thomson Reuters
Steven Scheurmann
RegTech, SupTech, FinTech Sage
RegTech AI Solutions,
IBM- Asia Pacific
Stephen Fox
GRC Lead, Asia Pacific
IBM Business Analytics
Why join:
  • Better understand the risk and compliance issues around digital transformation
  • Insight into mistakes made in other jurisdictions and why some organisations got it wrong
  • How other organisations have overcome issues before potential benefits realised
  • Improve your risk and compliance understanding
  • Improving knowledge is essential to your organisation’s prosperity

Meeting the challenges ahead: keeping up with developments in regulatory change, cyber resilience, personal accountability, conduct risk and financial crime. What are the challenges ahead as organisations face digital transformation, whilst at the same time ensure a unified compliance culture that deals with internal vulnerabilities before potential benefits are realised. What are issues to look for? Understand the pitfalls? How can we move forward?
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Risk and Compliance under a Digital Transformation