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Your business relationships can have hidden risks that jeopardize your company.

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In today’s trading environment, businesses need a watertight due diligence strategy to prevent sanctions breaches and other global trade compliance violations. However, screening commercial relationships can be an onerous process, given the rapid pace of regulatory change, the overwhelming volume of information involved, and the complexity of some business relationships. Attempting to search denied party lists manually or via mainstream search engines is simply not an adequate approach in our dynamic global environment.

Unfortunately, gaps in your due diligence process could lead to a compliance breach, with severe financial and reputational costs for your business – and potential personal consequences for you as an individual. It could also open your supply chain to crippling security threats.    

To understand these risks in more detail and discover best practices for mitigating these, Thomson Reuters would like to invite you for an exclusive webinar, during which our experts will discuss current global trade trends, lessons learned from other markets, and the valuable role of technology in effective global trade compliance.

Duration: 45 minutes

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About the Speaker
Zoe Martinez
Practice Lead - Global Trade, Asia & Emerging Markets, Thomson Reuters
Zoe Martinez is the Practice Lead of the Global Trade Centre of Excellence at Thomson Reuters, responsible for Global Trade Management Software implementations across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. With more than 10 years of extensive experience, she previously worked as an International Trade Compliance Professional for DuPont in Australia, focusing on cross-border compliance, free trade agreements and process automation. Zoe holds a Masters in International Trade and Diplomacy from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.
Watch the webinar on-demand
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