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Thomson Reuters is pleased to present The Future of Legal Tech: How Smart Legal Research Values your Billable Hours, an interactive screening for boutique firms, Barristers and sole practitioners.


  • Legal research landscape for small law: Learn about legal tech adoption trends seen in the small law market. You will discover where improvements can be made to make better use of your billable hours and thus take on more clients.
  • Concept of legal tech tipping point: How this effects your firm or legal business and what smart adoption can look like in 2020.
  • Success stories from small law: The business case for smart legal research can be found in the our client success cases. Take inspiration from what has worked for them and their clients!
  • Mini legal research masterclass: Overhaul the way you conduct legal research with the tips and tricks provided by a subject matter expert.

Join our subject matter experts in the studio as we delve into the benefits of AI and complex search algorithms, offering practical tips you can take-away from the exclusive video screening.

Legal research presenters

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James Jarvis
“Smart legal research ought to provide business-oriented results for lawyers, but this is not always happening at the smaller end of town. This is why I urge small to mid-sized law to tune in to our webinar. We're here to demonstrate how you and your practice can pivot to reap sizable time-saving benefits."

James Jarvis, Vice President, Legal Solutions,
Thomson Reuters Asia and Emerging Markets
“Not going to lie, I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to smart legal research, so in my presentation I'll take you on a virtual tour of the New Westlaw, which has been redeveloped with sole practitioners, law firm Principals and Barristers. In this webcast, I share with you my best practice tips and tricks on smart data retrieval.” 

Alex Cato, Product Manager, Legal Research, Thomson Reuters Asia and Emerging Markets