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COVID-19 has already given rise to Indirect Tax changes
in the form of VAT rate changes and expansion of the GST base.

Technology can assist businesses to stay on top of the global indirect tax legislative changes that are already here, and the many more changes to come, by ensuring:

  • the GST/VAT treatment of the AP/AR transactions are in line with the most up to date legislative changes;
  • the latest legislative and regulatory changes are being reflected in the indirect tax reporting process;
  • that businesses are able to meet the changing digital requirements of Tax Authorities;
  • businesses are not exposing themselves to any potential penalties or interest as a result of incorrect reporting or late submissions of GST/VAT returns.

Stay on top of your GST processes

Find out how you can remain compliant in changing times even with new ways of working. Thomson Reuters’ cloud-based software helps you stay in control of your Indirect Tax return processes and preparation.

COVID-19 has introduced new ways of working for Indirect Tax Teams.
What are the benefits of using our cloud based software
to align with these new ways of working?
Access anytime,
Multiple users can access data and Indirect Tax returns anywhere at any time. Useful in the current working from home environment and into the future where this will become more common. 
Collaboration and access control 
With many people contributing to different parts of the Indirect Tax return process the ability to collaborate without overriding or changing work is essential. Control access levels assigned by profile. 
Automated Tax Authority legislative change updates to ensure your team are meeting compliance requirements for ongoing and ever-changing Indirect Tax legislative changes. 
As your operations and team grow, there is the option to feed data from additional systems and more users regardless of their location.
How ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Compliance has made a difference
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