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Business Continuity: Pandemics, Civil Emergencies and Civil Unrest 
The outbreak of coronavirus has had a major operational impact on businesses throughout Asia and its influence is spreading throughout the world. Business continuity plans have been tested and, in some cases, found wanting. But putting business continuity plans into action is only the first step in dealing with a disruptive crisis. Epidemic, pandemic, civil unrest and other civil emergencies not only disrupt day-to-day business operations, but also create and amplify legal risks. Lawyers advising companies in these circumstances – both in-house and external – need to be across the issues that can arise.

Key legal issues include:

  • Employment risks, including balancing the duties of the employer to protect employee health and safety to dealing against loss of productivity to absenteeism and the enforcement of policies.
  • Supply chain risks, including how the crisis will affect contractual rights and obligations.
  • Insurance risks, including limits and exclusions under relevant policies.
  • Tax implications of spending money to address the crisis.

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