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CAR or SAR, or both? ATO Top 1,000 and Next 5,000 - will you be next?

When the ATO’s Top 1,000 income tax performance comes to an end in December, the Top 1,000 combined assurance review (CAR) will begin – combining both income tax and GST reviews for the Top 1,000 taxpayers (with a turnover of greater than $250 million, but not those in the Top 100 program).

Meanwhile the Top 1,000 GST assurance program will also continue, and the Next 5,000 program has already kicked in, with the ATO undertaking a streamlined assurance review (SAR) of high wealth private groups (with wealth in excess of $50 million and not already in the Top 500 program).

Watch our live forum on demand, featuring our expert panel:

  • Guest Presenter Judy Morris, Assistant Commissioner , ATO
  • Guest Presenter Harjit Singh, Senior Director, ATO
  • Guest Presenter Karen Price, Senior Director, ATO
  • Moderator Peter Kane, Sales Director, Corporates, AEM, Thomson Reuters
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Our Speakers
Judy Morris
Assistant Commissioner
Australian Taxation Office

Judy Morris is an Assistant Commissioner in the Public Groups and International area of the ATO and leads the Top 1000 program. Prior to joining the ATO, Judy was a Corporate Tax Partner with a large advisory firm and also has experience as head of tax for a large Australian listed group. 
Harjit Singh
Senior Director
Australian Taxation Office

Harjit Singh is a Senior Director in the ATO’s Public Groups and International business line. Harjit is jointly responsible for leading the national Energy and Resources Strategy, Top 1,000 combined assurance review programs and two Perth based income tax and GST operations teams.

Karen Price
Senior Director
Australian Taxation Office

Karen Price joined the ATO in 2016 and is a Senior Director in the Top 1000 Program in the Public Groups and International business line.  The Top 1000 Program conducts income tax and GST assurance reviews applying the justified trust methodology to the 1000 next largest publicly owned and international business taxpayers.  

Pete Kane
Director, Corporates, AEM
Thomson Reuters

Pete Kane is a Director for Thomson Reuters Tax and Accounting business in Australia and New Zealand.  He creates clarity, generates energy and delivers success. He joined Thomson Reuters in 2003 and relocated to Australia in 2007 following the acquisition of pwc’s corporate tax software business in Australia.